Travelling North

Travelling North publishes fiction and non-fiction.  Current publications are focussed on two series of detective novels, as well as articles on political, business and philosophical issues, and a regular blog on these and similar topics.  It is the home of Next Steps, a forum for discussion on current issues, and Tadorna Consulting, a development centre that works with organisations in all sectors of the economy on leadership, innovation and strategy.

The Eamon Cowan series of novels are set in Melbourne, in which he helps solve murder mysteries with Penny Anderson, a Detective Inspector.  Several books in this series have been published.  A new series, focussed on Anthea Daines, who lives in The Dandenongs, on the edge of Melbourne, first appeared in 2018.

Next Steps is the home of a number of related initiatives. Their core comprises round table discussion groups which take as their starting point the much-quoted comment by Socrates that “an unexamined life is not worth living”.  Moderated discussion groups help participants think about the life they are living, and to consider what he or she might want to do differently in the future.

Tadorna Consulting has worked with a wide variety of clients in Asia, Australia and the USA for several years.  It specialises in developing capability on strategic thinking, innovation, and supporting organisational change and adaptability.

Books & Publications

After releasing two non-fiction books, How Shall I Live and Elephants on Roller Skates, current publications are detective novels.  The Eamon Cowan series began with Upside Down; the more recent Anthea Daines series with Burning Bridges.

Personal / Philosophical Articles

A regularly updated collection of observations on politics, economic and broader issues.  These pieces are intended to provoke discussion and are a complement to the shorter commentaries made in the blogs.


Regular blogs range from personal reflections and humour to more serious observations on issues.  Many address areas of current controversy, seeking to add some facts and thoughts to otherwise uninformed responses.

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