Travelling North


Peter Sheldrake

Peter Sheldrake currently works as a consultant, an adjunct visiting professor at Wake Forest University and an author. He describes himself as a ‘gypsy’, having been a CEO, an academic and a government statutory office holder, as well as running his own business. He has developed and conducted executive education courses and consulting assignments with companies and not-for-profits in the USA, Europe, Australia and South East Asia, as well as teaching university MBA courses. His areas of interest include innovation and entrepreneurship, global business, leadership, strategy, scenario analysis, and introducing senior executives to philosophy. Peter Sheldrake has a BA, MA and MSc, from the University of Cambridge, and a PhD from RMIT.

He has written over 100 articles, an occasional blog and various books, most recently How Shall I Live? in 2013 and Elephants on Roller Skates in 2014. He recently started writing murder mysteries. An Australian, Peter Sheldrake was born in the UK, and now lives with his wife in Winston Salem NC. They have six adult children, all currently living in Australia.

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